For us, sustainability is a living philosophy – right from the start!

The term sustainability is now used widely and, in many places, but for us it is more than just a catchphrase: it is a promise - to us as well as to you, our partners and customers.

The roots of our family business are in Reutlingen, at the foot of the Swabian Alb and in the middle of a UNESCO biosphere reserve. But it is not only this extraordinary status of our hometown that has brought the topics of environmental protection, resource conservation or sustainability into focus for us. From the very beginning - since the foundation of MBA in 1975 - it has been our personal and business concern to make and pass on our contribution to a society worth living in. As a manufacturer in the field of temporary architecture, we attach great importance to the sustainable production of our systems for exhibition and trade fair contexts, while ensuring a long life and service life.

Old photo of Rita Süßmuth and Rudolf Scharping in an exhibition with Mila-wall wall modules

More persistent than the longest term

In 1993 the then Federal Minister Rita Süßmuth opened an exhibition. In contrast to the minister, the wall modules are still in use.

Sustainable production

To manufacture high-quality products and to take on a social and societal responsibility in environmental protection is one of our greatest endeavours and a high demand on ourselves. Thus, the careful use of natural resources and the minimization of risks for people and the environment are among the basic principles of our economic decisions and are defined as clear corporate goals.

We use energy-saving cold pressing technology to manufacture Mila-wall wall modules. This allows us to produce larger components in an unheated mould, thus consistently keeping the amount of energy used low.

Our adhesives contain no toxic solvents and all surfaces are free of heavy metals. In addition, we do not use so-called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which are frequently used in the manufacture of paints and plastics, but are classified as harmful to the environment.

For the production of the aluminium frames relevant for our systems, we have been able to increase the proportion of recycled aluminium to ten percent. The gray cardboard honeycombs used as panels even consist of 100% recycled materials.

Sustainable use

It is not only the manufacturing process of our components that is consistently oriented towards sustainable production measures, but also above all the long-lasting operating cycle of our systems that has a positive effect on the environment. The properties of Mila-wall wall modules play a special role here: They can be arranged flexibly, are easy to redesign, can be re-coated and painted several times with different surfaces and thus offer a long, varied service life.

If required, the individual components can be easily separated from each other and thus easily disposed of or recycled.

Our walls arrive at their places of use in special Mila-wall transport containers - without any additional and thus unnecessary packaging.

All our products and accessories are designed for durability and high flexibility. This not only protects the environment, but also means that the purchase costs are amortised after a short time. This results in not only ecological but also economically sustainable advantages for you!